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Hello, this is Dr. Mark Altenau, M.D. I have retired from the practice of Ear, Nose, and Throat medicine, except I will continue to give cortisone nasal injections for my established allergy patients, but at a different location from my office at Medical City.  


I cannot see, nor treat nor prescribe for my other patients.


I very much enjoyed taking care of all of you and thank you for your support.  It is time for me to enter a new stage of my life.  

~ Dr. Mark Altenau

For referrals to other doctors:

For ear problems: hearing loss, ringing, dizziness, ear infections, ear pain and wax removal, I recommend:

Dr. Brian Rodgers, Dr. Brian Peters and Dr. Hahn

Medical City, Bldg. A-103, 972-566-7600 


For nose and throat problems: nasal blockage, sore throats, sinus disease, hoarseness and neck masses, I recommend:

Dr. Tom Hung and Dr. Andy Chung

Medical City, Bldg B-432, 972-566-8300


For known head and neck cancer patients or possible cancer of the head and neck area: I recommend:

Dr. Andy Chung, see above


Services I can supply:  

  • Injection of the nose with cortisone. See appointment times and my new location.  


  • Answer questions you may have by my email address or my fax number.


  • Referrals to other doctors. 


  • Medical records release by emailing me the request or by faxing me the request to 469-802-9489 and be sure to include where do you want the records sent to and include the fax number or mailing address.  

  • Billing questions go to Betsy Lehman at 469-547-2048.  

Our Services


Dr. Mark Altenau

3819 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Email Dr. Altenau

Fax number: 469-802-9489

Dr. Altenau's office is located in the Old Parkland complex,

on the Northwest corner of the intersection of Maple and Oak Lawn Ave. 

Enter at the Oak Lawn entrance, at the traffic light. You will immediately go through a small circle, and shortly after is the entrance to the parking garage. Turn left at the parking garage entrance, left again at the wall, and left at the second wall. Drive straight to a third wall, turn right down the ramp to the next parking level down and at the bottom is the entrance to Oak Lawn Hall. Go through the first set of double doors (3879 Oak Lawn Hall, above these doors), walk around a circular table and then go through the second set of double doors (Debate Chamber, above these doors). Dr. Altenau's office is to the right, next to the Bust of Justice. There are NO signs but his door will be open.  

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